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about Philip Halpin Custom handmade JewlleryI have been working in Grafton Street most of my working life, learning everything I know about the business in West Jewellers, from design to making to selling on the shop floor. I left West’s in the early eighty’s and went to work for Shannon Gems, who had shops in Dublin and Shannon Airports and I managed the Dublin shop for three years.

The time in both companies were invaluable to me, I made the decision to work for myself. It was hard in the late eighty’s and working out of West workshop I was back to where it all started - making jewellery for West but this time working for myself. I have my own clients too and designing and making of jewellery is where I’m at my best. West closed after nearly 280 years in business. This was a sad time in my career but life and work go on, still working out of Grafton Street, I am today doing the same as I have been doing for forty years: making jewellery and I count myself lucky, for me it’s not just a business, it’s my passion.
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