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Philip Halpin Handmade JewelleryI have been making jewellery over the past forty years and in all that time I have never wanted to do anything else. I have always had an interest in working with my hands and working in gold, platinum or silver, I have always found it interesting. I have made many pieces over the years and have come across and met so many different people during this time. Everyone has different ideas and designs, all of which I have made and some not to my liking but in all cases the client comes first.

The jewellery in my gallery is some I have made and others I want to make. When clients ask “Do you have anything to show me?” the answer is always the same “No, I do not! All my jewellery is made on commission!” The next question is “Where can we see your work?” That one is easy “I can make you anything your heart desires I can and will make you anything you want and at a price you can afford!” In fact that is one of the great things about working direct with the client coming from the workshop the piece can be made to the design and quality within the price range negotiated. In these changing times it is important to get it right on time all the time.